League rules

League Rules [Outline]

Below is a list of the league requirements and rules. This list is only an outline and a full list is available on request. The league and its operators reserve the right to alter the rules at any time without notification or consent. The league takes no liability for player injury, or illness, and it is suggested that all players and teams carry their own insurance. The league takes no liability for closure of venues and fields, but will at all times revise plans, as best as possible, to the benefit of the players and teams.

Team Requirements

  • Each team must bring 2 balls to the field inflated to the appropriate pressure
  • Adequate footwear for the playing surface
  • Matching player jerseys/shirts with squad number on.*
  • Captains armband
  • Spare set of jerseys, or bibs of contrasting color
  • Players IDs
  • Team managers/captains contacts (main and the second) for all communications

Outline League Rules

  • League fees must be paid up to date to play  ̈All players must be registered to play  ̈Teams late for their game will be penalized
  • No physical or verbal abuse permitted
  • The referee or monitor’s decision is final 
  • Teams can have a minimum of 6 and maximum of 15 players on the night
  • Each team can replace players on the pitch at any time during the game with any of their named substitutes. A team can replace players on the field as often as they want. This should be done from the half way line, and with agreement from the referee. The player leaving must be fully off the field before the entering player enters. If at any time a team has more than 7 players on the field, the referee can award a foul, at their discretion, at that location. If a team is making excessive changes over short periods of time, to introduce 'fly' players for tactical advantage, or to run the clock down, the referee, at their discretion, can reject a substitution
  • Players to be 18 years or older
  • The leagues can postpone or cancel matches due to force-major
  • Penalties will apply to teams that withdraw from the league, or miss one or more game, without prior agreement with the league.
  • If you have any issues or concerns, please contact the league at any time.

Outline Game Rules

  • 3 Points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss
  • There is no offside rule
  • Where a referee is provided, the game will run 27 minutes each half with a 3 minutes break
  • Where no referee is provided, the game will run straight through for 57 minutes with no break
  • The league will not accept any level of time wasting within the games. Due to time restrictions at venues we endeavor to give teams as much playing time as possible resulting in no added time being applied to games. Should a culture of time wasting for tactical advantage occur, we will shorten the games to allow for added time, but we hope not to ever have to do this.   Any teams, or players, deemed to be wasting time will be reprimanded for such behavior.   In the rare situations of time lost due to serious injury, or other factors out of our control, clearly reducing a game, the management reserve the right to review this, situation by situation, but have no obligation to add time to any game, or revise a result
  • Captains or monitors should communicate, by whatsapp or email, the match results to the league within 30 minutes of the end of the game
  • All disputes to be resolved on the pitch, where possible, or reported to the monitor
  • Where no referee is provided, red and yellow cards will not be issued
  • There is no offside rule, but sitting on the goal line is not promoted
  • Subs are allowed to enter at any time. The exiting player MUST be off the pitch first
  • Each team should carry their own first aid supplies

*If the players do not have numbers on the shirts, they must draw their numbers in their hands.


If a player throws the ball outside the facilities, his teammates who are not playing at the time will be in charge of recovering the ball

Captains are requested to facilitate the management of the game to ensure a free-flowing and safe game.

Where no referee is provided, ensure each team calls, in a fair manner, all fouls, throw ins, corners and penalties.

Where teams or players are late, time is afforded to them to arrive, and team players are adjusted temporarily to ensure prompt start of the game.

It is the responsibility of each team or player to organize their own personal insurance.

Where no referee is provided, all games are played in a respectful and sport-manlike manner.

The keeper jersey should be different in color to both team’s main jerseys. 

Each goalkeeper MUST have his own pair of gloves.

All players, including substitutes, must wear shin guards .

Every team MUST attend all fixtures, unless with agreement from the league and opposing team. Games will proceed in most weather types, due to the standard and quality of the facilities. The league will advise of any change to the schedule.

Every team cancelling a match within 32 hours of a game, will concede to a walk over.

Where a team attends a match with less than 5 players, a walkover will automatically be applied, otherwise teams are requested to find a solution to ensure that the match proceeds.

The team on the left of the fixture tips off, and the team on the right picks direction.

In a free kick, the opponents shall be at least 6 meters from the ball at the time of the free kick.

Penalty kicks must be taken from a spot 10 yards from the goal line, or as marked on the pitch.

If the ball goes out for a goal kick, it must be kicked from the ground. A goal kick can be taken from any spot inside the penalty area.

A goal can be scored from any area on the field of play.

Once a goal is scored, the other team must tip off from the center point of the field. All players must be at least 6 yards away from the two players tipping off, or outside the center circle where this is marked.

Players are not allowed to score from the first tip in a tip off. 

Goalkeepers can leave the keepers area during the game.

Players can’t ‘go to ground’ during a game without a real reason. If they do, the result will be an indirect free kick.

 At the end of the tournament if the league scores of the teams are tied, positioning of the teams will follow the following criteria: Result of game between the sides (Wins, loses and draws only) THEN, if not resolved, Goal Difference, Goals Scored, Goals conceded.

We accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, disputes, injuries, death, litigation, legal expenses, or any actions by or to the attendees at the leagues/tournaments/events, or any visitors or spectators, whether it be directly or indirectly caused by willful or accidental acts by aforementioned parties, our servants, agents or invitees, including breach of statutory duty or contract by each team from the venue.

To play in the competition, players must have 18 year old. Any player younger than 18 must fulfil the league rules for under- age players, where they are permitted to play.

Abide by the grounds own rules for use of facilities.

The league has the right to suspend with €50 penalty per game, or expel, without refund, a team from the leagues if: 1) teams fail to attend 3 or more matches in a season; 2) teams fail to advise the league and the opponent of a game cancelation with more than 24 hours notice; 3) if the team does not respect the rules.

Where the goalkeeper is alternating with a player on the pitch, the ball must be out of play, and both teams must allow time for the change to take place.